Terms and conditions

  1. ClienteleThe spa welcomes both male and female clients. Gender-specific treatment rooms are available; we also have shower facilities.
  2. Customer Information: To enable the spa to carry out internal administration and marketing tasks like contacting clients, billing, etc., customers will need to supply customer information. In order for us to offer the best spa treatment for you, guests must also complete a brief health questionnaire. This helps the spa evaluate your medical issues. Rest assured that we will handle client information with confidentiality and utilize it solely for internal marketing, administrative, and monitoring needs.
  3. Medical Conditions: Please let our spa consultant or therapist know if you are feeling under the weather, pregnant, have high blood pressure, allergies, or any other medical concerns. This will enable us to make sensible treatment recommendations or take the required safety measures. Note that you are taking all therapies at your own risk. Please see your doctor first if you are unsure.
  4. Personal Belongings: Before the treatment begins, our team will help you change into the proper clothing. Please store all of your belongings in the designated lockers. We advise against wearing jewelry or bringing valuables to a spa appointment since you might need to take them off for the treatment. The spa will not cover any valuables lost within the spa.
  5. Mobile Phones and Gadgets: We will be grateful if clients can avoid talking loudly within the spa, as the goal of the spa for all of our patrons is rest and rejuvenation. It is not recommended to bring electronics or cell phones inside the therapy areas. Please turn the mode to silence if you must bring them into the treatment area. Please be mindful of our clients' privacy.
  6. Smoking/Food/Drinks: Please note that smoking is prohibited in the spa, in accordance with spa health and regulations. We don’t serve food or drinks in the spa however you can come with your food.
  7. Appointment Booking: To help the spa better schedule our appointments so that you can have your desired time slot and therapist, we recommend that our customers contact us at least 3 days before their preferred treatment date. While we may not be able to guarantee that we can accommodate your desired slot, we will do our utmost to commit our resources to meet your preferred schedule and therapist.
  8. Punctuality: Please arrive at the spa at least 15 minutes before the appointment time. Late arrival may result in shortening of the treatment time, as the spa needs to cater to the next customer. Should you be expected to be late, please contact the spa consultant earlier so that appropriate adjustments may be made. Please note that for all appointments made, the spa will wait for the customer for a maximum of 15 minutes from the appointment time. Beyond that, the spa will give the slot up for other customers. Thus, please help by contacting us at least half an hour before, should you be late for the appointment or wish to cancel it.
  9. Treatment Selection: The spa seeks the understanding of customers to refrain from changing their mind about the type of treatment they want after informing the spa consultant or therapist as some of the treatments require ingredient preparation and once the ingredients are prepared, we are unable to change the treatment for you.
  10. Payment:  Our spa collects payment from customers upfront, that is before the treatment session. For cash payment, please note that the spa only accepts South African currency. The spa also accepts EFT payments. Please note that all treatments utilized are strictly non-refundable. However, as part of our service guarantee, customers who decide not to continue with the treatment for any reason can inform the therapist within the first 10 minutes of the treatment session. For such cases, any payment collected before the treatment session will be refunded to the customers in full. Beyond the first 10 minutes, there will be strictly no refund in any case.

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